Friends from college


So, it seems my only topic is Netlfix series, so be it. I just watched the new Netflix production”Friends from college” and I have to write about it. It’s not a sitcom as the name suggest. At least, it is not like Friends or HIMYM. Yes, it is about 6 friend who meet in college, but it has a particular way of telling their history.


From now on I’ll talk about the characters and the plot, so if you want to watch it without knowing anything I recommend you to stop reading.

Ok, It starts with a couple about to have sex. I would thought they were married to each other, but i watched the trailer so I knew that wasn’t the guy’s wife. Yes, he was cheating in his wife. Then we found out that the cheater is Ethan Turner, who is married to Lisa and is cheating her with their long term friend Sam. Ethan, Lisa and Sam met in Harvad along with Max, Nick and Marianne. But Ethan and Lisa used to live in Chicago but now they are moving to New York, were the other friends live. Ethan and Sam decide to stop seeing each other as lovers but it doesn’t really happen, and they suffer a lot trying to hide their affair.

What I liked about the show is that they are not perfect. Ethan is a good writer but who is trying to write more commercial books so he can make money. Also he is this really nice guy, but who cheats in his wife and try to be funny but ends up being completely inappropriate. Lisa is a lawyer who starts to work in a very sexist company, is trying to have a baby, is completely against cheating but ends up having sex with her ex because thinks her husband is having an affair (he is, but she doesn’t know) Sam is in her second marriage, has 3 kids, and is obviously in love with Ethan but does not like to admit it. She is the only one who seems to be doing well in life with a great job, a great car, a great wedding, but in the end is just as lost as the others. Marianne is the “dumb” friend but is not so dumb. I don’t really know her job, but she has this regular apartment, a bunny as a pet and does community theater when she can. Max is the gay friend, but is kind of immature and self-absorbed, he jeopardize his relationship when starts to hang out more with his college friends and after that can’t do a good job anymore. And Nick is the rich and shallow guy but is not so shallow. To make a comparison he’s like Barney from HIMYM, but a real one. He has a trust fund that allows him to not have to work, he dates younger women but he is not so annoying. The show reminds me of the other Netflix series like Love, Flaked, Master of none and Girlboss. The characters are more similar to regular people with a lot of flaws and messed up decisions. I fell in love with one of them just to hate them in the next scene.

But is not the kind of show to watch if you like Friends or HIMYM or another basic sitcom. I guess it will be canceled just like Gilrboss because the public can’t handle a show that is not most of the same.