Friends from college


So, it seems my only topic is Netlfix series, so be it. I just watched the new Netflix production”Friends from college” and I have to write about it. It’s not a sitcom as the name suggest. At least, it is not like Friends or HIMYM. Yes, it is about 6 friend who meet in college, but it has a particular way of telling their history.


From now on I’ll talk about the characters and the plot, so if you want to watch it without knowing anything I recommend you to stop reading.

Ok, It starts with a couple about to have sex. I would thought they were married to each other, but i watched the trailer so I knew that wasn’t the guy’s wife. Yes, he was cheating in his wife. Then we found out that the cheater is Ethan Turner, who is married to Lisa and is cheating her with their long term friend Sam. Ethan, Lisa and Sam met in Harvad along with Max, Nick and Marianne. But Ethan and Lisa used to live in Chicago but now they are moving to New York, were the other friends live. Ethan and Sam decide to stop seeing each other as lovers but it doesn’t really happen, and they suffer a lot trying to hide their affair.

What I liked about the show is that they are not perfect. Ethan is a good writer but who is trying to write more commercial books so he can make money. Also he is this really nice guy, but who cheats in his wife and try to be funny but ends up being completely inappropriate. Lisa is a lawyer who starts to work in a very sexist company, is trying to have a baby, is completely against cheating but ends up having sex with her ex because thinks her husband is having an affair (he is, but she doesn’t know) Sam is in her second marriage, has 3 kids, and is obviously in love with Ethan but does not like to admit it. She is the only one who seems to be doing well in life with a great job, a great car, a great wedding, but in the end is just as lost as the others. Marianne is the “dumb” friend but is not so dumb. I don’t really know her job, but she has this regular apartment, a bunny as a pet and does community theater when she can. Max is the gay friend, but is kind of immature and self-absorbed, he jeopardize his relationship when starts to hang out more with his college friends and after that can’t do a good job anymore. And Nick is the rich and shallow guy but is not so shallow. To make a comparison he’s like Barney from HIMYM, but a real one. He has a trust fund that allows him to not have to work, he dates younger women but he is not so annoying. The show reminds me of the other Netflix series like Love, Flaked, Master of none and Girlboss. The characters are more similar to regular people with a lot of flaws and messed up decisions. I fell in love with one of them just to hate them in the next scene.

But is not the kind of show to watch if you like Friends or HIMYM or another basic sitcom. I guess it will be canceled just like Gilrboss because the public can’t handle a show that is not most of the same.

The OC


So, I was watching The O.C, actually, I am watching it, I’m still on season 2, and a lot of things cross my mind when I watched it… First we have Seth Cohen, who maybe is the reason why I’m with my boyfriend. So, Seth Cohen is such a self absorbed spoiled white dude… You know, i used to love him. He was my kind of guy, handsome, but not like Luke, funny, great taste in music, and a lover of pop stuff like comic books. Let’s just remind ourselves that The OC took place in 2003, more or less, so all these nerd pride was not happening, maybe Seth Cohen helped the nerd guy to become more popular and we can now have all these star wars, wonder woman stuff happening. Anyway, Seth is so selfish… I cannot believe he left his family to go to Portland just because Ryan left for Chino. Have you ever looked up Chino on the map? It’s like 40 minutes away from Newport Beach. He couldn’t go visit him? He couldn’t spend all the weekends in Chino with Ryan and Theresa? He had to go to other city? He had to left the girl for whom he was obsessed all his life for? It doesn’t make sense.

The other character who makes me crazy is Julie Cooper. Julie deserves the title of the worst mom ever. Seriously. Ok, so she is this poor girl who meets a rich nice guy, gets pregnant, marry the guy, then lives like money never ends. That’s ok. But she’s not happy enough leaving the guy when he lost all his money, she goes and starts a relationship with a much older men really rich. Ok, who am I to judge. But then she decides that is ok to fuck her daughters ex-boyfriend!!!! After her daughter finds out, she finish everything and go back to the rich man, marry the guy, then starts having feelings for he former husband and fucks him. And her daughter sees everything. Imagine Marissa’s head! First she finds out that her mom is the kind of person who will marry for money, then that her mom is capable of fucking her ex-boyfriend who is, at tops, 17 years old, then she decides she likes her father again!!!

And now we have Jimmy Cooper, the worst dad. He lets Julie send his younger daughter to a boarding school, then when the oldest finds out about his affair with his ex-wife he decides to go away to Maui. He leaves his daughter who is really messed up with her mom even knowing that they are always fighting… No wonder Marissa dies. I know they killed her because Mischa wanted to leave the show, but seriously, if a normal person with normal messed up parents think about suicide, imaging a young girl with this family…. But I guess she dies in an accident… I don’t recall… Well, I’m on season 2 and I think soon enough I’ll be back with more hate to spread.

You can tell J. that the bitch is back


Eu abandonei esse blog por motivos de: stalkers, vida, stalkers. Mas aí hoje estava tentando entrar no LJ que eu tenho pra escrever uns textos ruins em espanhol e em inglês pra treinar e eis que consegui bloquear o IP de tanto errar a senha. Pq não basta errar a senha, tem que insistir pq tem certeza que é aquela senha sim. Aí vim aqui no wordpress e ia bem fazer um blog fake ou secreto mas, ain, preguiça. Se os stalkers me quiserem, podem vir. Se quiserem dementar aqui foda-se. Mas vai ver eles já superaram e seguiram com suas próprias vidas. Oremos.

I left this blog because of: stalkers, life, stalkers. But then today I was trying to get into the LJ that I have to write some bad texts in Spanish and English to train and: I managed to block the IP because I forget the password. Because it is not enough to forget the password, you have to insist on it because you are sure that it is that password, no matter if the site say it is not. So I came in to wordpress and thought it would be good to make a fake or secret blog but it was too much effort. If the stalkers want me, they can come. If they want to dement here, fuck it. But maybe they have already outgrown and moved on with their own lives. Let’s pray.

Yo dejé este blog a causa de: stalkers, life, stalkers. Pero hoy estaba intentando entrar en mi cuenta de LJ para escribir algunos textos en español e inglés para entrenar pero he conseguido bloquear mi IP al equivocar mi contraseña demasiada veces. Es que no es suficiente equivocarte tu contraseña, tienes que insistir pues estás seguras de que la contraseña está correcta aunque el sítio diga que no. Entonces, vine a wordpress y pensé en crear otro blog secreto o fake, pero me dió pereza. Si los stalkers me quieren, que vengan, si quieren dementar aquí, que se joda. Quizás ellos hayan evolucionado y han seguido con sus vidas. Oremos.


É engraçado como a gente acha que aquele momento ruim nunca vai passar, que as coisas nunca vão mudar, mas continua vivendo, para de pensar em certas coisas e só vive, e de repente tudo mudou. De repente é vc do outro lado da moeda. Não que eu vá rir do outro, pq não é esse o ponto. O ponto é ver que a coisa mais definitiva nem é tão definitiva assim, e que quando você vive a vida acontece, e quando a vida acontece é lindo. 


Lembro de ter pegado Cem anos de solidão na prateleira da biblioteca por tê-lo visto numa lista dos 10 mais da veja. Foi no começo da de 00, não lembro bem o ano. Talvez 2002, 2003. Lembro de ter começado a ler o livro mesmo sabendo que não deveria por causa da quantidade de coisas que deveria estudar para o PAS. Lembro de começar a ler, de achar lindo, de ficar pasma em como o Gabriel García Márquez escrevia manipulando tempo e espaço e ainda assim eu não me perdia. Dos diversos personagens com o mesmo nome mas com personalidades tão diferentes, ou parecidas, mas cada um sendo cada um e eu sendo capaz de não confundi-los. Lembro de ler em êxtase a cada página. De ficar feliz por chegar ao fim e triste. De ter visto Macondo. De ter conhecido cada um dos Buendía. Lembro de ter amado Gabriel García Márquez por causa de Cem anos de solidão. De ter ficado feliz por fazer faculdade de Letras Espanhol e poder reler Cem anos em espanhol. Lembro também de ter lido os outros livros. O amor nos tempos do cólera, Vivir para contarla, os contos, Cómo se cuenta un cuento. Lembro de ter identificado Gabo em cada um deles. De ficar sonhando que um dia eu o conheceria, antes que ele se fosse, que eu pudesse abraçá-lo e agradecer por seus livros. Por ter criado um mundo no qual eu me sentia bem. Por ter criado pessoas com as quais eu me identificava. Por ter sido tão maravilhoso. E hoje, hoje eu choro. Choro por não tê-lo conhecido, por saber que ele não criará nada novo, por saber que ele não existe mais. Existia um calorzinho no meu coração por saber que ele existia em algum lugar do mundo, ainda que fosse longe de mim, ainda que eu não soubesse como e não acompanhasse. Esse calorzinho se foi. Agora fica um vazio. Uma pontada. Uma dor. Uma dor que nunca imaginei sentir.

E nada do que está escrito aqui faz muito sentido pq nunca soube escrever chorando. Mas precisava tentar. Precisava desabafar. Precisava chorar por escrito pra ver se consigo parar de chorar.

Se Deus existe, se céu existe, espero que o Gabo esteja agora em paz, feliz. E espero que a família dele e os amigos possam ser confortados.